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10 Structural Failure Case Studies which can give you new perspective on Structural Analysis

10 Structural Failure Case Studies which can give you new perspective on Structural Analysis:

Dear Structural/Civil Engineers,

I am happy to share , 10 Structural failure case studies which can change your perspective on Structural Analysis and Design.

I have included :

  1. Blast and Impact Failure Case studies
  2. Construction & in-service Failure Case studies
  3. Earthquake Failure Case studies
  4. Fire Failure Case studies
  5. Wind storms and Coastal Factors Failure Case studies

Download your 50 page 10 Structural Failure Case Studies Here

I am optimist and sure you will implement this while using Structural Analysis may be you are using

STAAD.Pro,ETABS,SAFE,SAP 2000 etc ,irrespective of those you will see new possibilities and design results.



Structural Consultant @ Author


how you can learn staad pro during your Job Hour

Learn staad pro during your Job Hours and become a Pro in 30 days:

Below are the key ingredients of STAAD.Pro (learn staad pro) CHECK List:

  • Never forget your Foundation Hand calculation Skills like BEAM,Column ,Slab Calculations and that is your 1st step in Learn STAAD Pro journey
  • Know Soil Mechanics and Lab Testing as Soil conditions and Design are closely related
  • Study min 10-25 Failure of Structures when you move to different cities and collect failure case studies (If you need plz mail us :info@macelearn.com)
  • Know KPI (Key performance Indicator ) of any structural Projects –watch my videos to reveal the secret( KPI of Structural Projects)
  • Know the art of Applying Boundary Conditions by interpreting Field Report/Condition
  • Know the Advanced Conditions and FEA Technology
  • Understand Mathematics behind how and best way to solve through stiffness method
  • Work under a reputed Consultant and learn staad pro and practical way of using the tools(STAAD.Pro ,ETABS,SAFE etc) and get the technical jargon’s polished
  • Master Your country codes like IS456,875-Part1/2/3/4/5 ,1893-Part1/2 ,SP 16 ,ACI,Euro,Bristish codes practical implications.
  • If you can Validate your G+3 structure then think Big and How you can move to a G+30 or higher and know the basic similarity and differences as far as Structural Analysis and Design Results Validation or Verification are Concerned
  • STAAD.Pro or ETABS are human build software Applications so those are like calculators for sophisticated computations hence, manually until and unless you never compare and match tools like STAAD.pro or ETABS are useless
  • Don’t forget all the logistics of any structure like glass,Tile,wood,RCC Design ,Plaster, Lift,Furniture etc and know the standards that current industry is using and you will be using all those in your structural analysis and Design methods during weight or live load computations
  • Cross verify your results from an Expert
  • Finally know the different types of stress verification and validation, moment verification, strain and displacement validation etc and take immediate action once you encounter failure due to design and re analyze and verify again
  • So Now you learn staad pro and apply on 2 to 3 structures which are already built and you are seeing in your vicinity since more than 5-7 years .Go there and get the measurements and do a soil testing if possible and start applying.

Get your 4 Hours FREE STAAD.Pro Advanced Training Now:

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Why Projects Fail

Thursday, 12 May 2016 by
Why projects fail

Why projects fail


Understand concept of “SMART






Above 5 factors can lead to a successfull Project completion. (why projects fail)
also look at above graph to understand Project Failure causes.(why projects fail)
Primavera is the tool you can use to plan your project.(why projects fail)

So I now assume you discovered why project fails?(why projects fail)


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